Time to come out of climate change politics

The seventh Millennium Development Goal (MDG) is to ensure environmental sustainability. Under MDG-7, it was targeted that the principles of sustainable development would be integrated into country policies and programmes to reverse the loss of environmental resources. But, UNDP’s MDG report, 2010 is telling a different story about the efforts of environmental sustainability. Global deforestation is slowing, but continues at a high rate in many countries. Over the last decade, about 13 million hectares of forest worldwide were converted to other uses or lost through natural causes each year.

Get ready for Third Depression

A number of economists and those persons who understand the economy and policies are taking about the third depression. And the most important thing is, recent G-20 meet decisions also indicate towards this coming disaster. Recessions are common in an economy but depressions are rare. We have faced the recession of 2008-09. The coming depression will be third one after the depressions of 1873 and 1929-31.

Criminal background leads to victory

The Indian political parties speak louder against the criminalization of the politics but most of them have a big difference in their speaking and doing. It has been proved once again during recent Rajya Sabha elections. All the candidates with pending criminal cases have won the election. The elections for 55 seats of the Rajya Sabha held in two phase on 14 th June and 17th June in 12 states.

The curious case of Bihar

Both parties know very well that they need each other to gain power in Bihar and to show the strength at center. That’s why JDU chief Sharad Yadav is trying to work as a peacemaker and saying all is well. At the core of this development is the different identity of both parties and they want to maintain it on the best possible cost. Anti Modi tone of Nitish is required to allure Bihar’s 16.5 percent Muslim votes. In other hand, Brand Modi is the necessity of BJP to woo its core Hindu voters. Assembly election in Bihar is slated for this year and experts believe that cast and communal politics is going to play a major role in these polls.

Insufficient Growth in food production

The world population is growing rapidly but the same is not true with the global food production. According to a recent report of OECD FAO, the global agriculture output is likely to grow more slowly over the next decade than in the past 10 years. But, nevertheless it remains on track with previous estimates to meet the demand, which is likely to grow by 70 percent by 2050. The rise in demand and slow growth in production would result in price rise.