Simmering dissent in industries

Himanshu Shekhar

Harishankar, a resident of Balia district of UP, is working with Ghaziabad based Allied Nippon for 20 years. A couple of days ago he got show cause notice from the company management and linked with the murder of Joginder Chowdhary, assistant general manager of company. Chowdhary was lynched to death by agitated workers of company on November 13.

“New management took over the company two months ago and they are the real problem creator. Production decreased and they started creating problems for workers too. Before joining them, our department was checking quality of 60,000 Brake Shoe but during their period it came down to 40,000”, says Harishankar.

But, the company management is telling a different story. According to senior company officials, workers were not ready to increase production and they were indulged in politics. “They were not keen in performance. Few of them were mobilizing other workers and trying to make us dance on their tune. We were continuously repeating that production should go up and pitty politics must stop”, says Mahendra Singh Chowdhary, Vice President (HR), Allied Nippon.

Two days after the killing of its assistant General Manager, Allied Nippon issued show-cause notices to its 30 workers who were allegedly involved in the violence. The company management asked workers to explain why they should not be dismissed from service. According to Chowdhary, “We have issued show-cause notices to 30 workers. All of them are permanent workers. They were involved in the violent incident of Saturday. They have to reply in 48 hours, otherwise company management will be at liberty to sack them”.

A section of industrialists is raising the issue of law and order. He said, “We have full faith in local administration and U.P. government. If administration is not able to restore the industrial environment of the region and provide us adequate security cover then they should clearly inform us. In that case, we will have no option rather than shutting down our business.”

Meanwhile, In an important move, Hirdesh Kumar, DM of Ghaziabad, decided to call a monthly meeting of trade unions on the line of industries association. He also requested that both side should keep patience and they should also help to restore the industrial environment of Ghaziabad, one of the key industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh.

Raghuvir Lal, SSP, Ghaziabad, assured that no culprit will be left and the murderer of Chowdhary will be punished.  He said, “We are going to do everything to punish the real culprit of that violent incident. Local police will provide adequate security cover to industries of Ghaziabad. So, there is no need to get worried. My request to industrialist is to restore the production of industrial units.” However, He also assured trade union leaders that not a single innocent worker will be framed in the case and he requested to send workers back on work without having any fear.

Trade union leaders appraised their concern over behaviour of Allied Nippon management. J.P. Shukla, District Secretary, CITU, said, “Workers of Allied Nippon are scared. They are of the view that once they would enter in the company premises, the management will frame them in the murder case of Chowdhary.”

He said, “On this question, we got assurance from both DM and SSP. They directed company management in this regard and said that this kind of attitude will create hurdle in the way of restoring industrial environment of the region.” It is pertinent to mention that around 1,100 hundred workers including permanent and contractual give their services to the company.

This incident once again raised some serious question. The problem of workers, specially the difference in wages and other working conditions of permanent workers and contractual workers needs to be checked. In Allied Nippon, a permanent worker is getting average monthly salary of Rs 10,000-12,000 and on the other hand a contractual is getting only Rs 3,000-3,200. A permanent worker is getting a compulsory weekly off and He has to work for only eight hours. On the other hand a contractual worker is not getting any weekly off and he has to work for 12 hours.

This kind of disparity is the main source of occurrence of resentment. So, the government should take necessary steps to mark a full stop on this kind of violent incidents.

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