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Mr. Narendra Modi is gifted with unprecedented management expertise. One may learn a lot from many of his traits and qualities, replicate them to attain greater heights in life. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider this great personality as the new age Management Guru. This book reflects the management skills of Mr Modi in a simple and clear manner.

Modi magic has already won the hearts of the common man in India and abroad. It inspired us to portray him as the epitome of management. It elucidates the qualities of Mr Modi that gives him an  edge over other contemporary leaders of his age and era. Mr Narendra Modi is a natural leader and understands how to lead and manage the affairs efficiently. His success as a leader and emergence as management guru is what this book emphasises on.

Apart from describing Mr Modi’s pivotal role as Chief Minister of Gujarat, this book also highlights his proficiency and eminence as the Prime Minister of the country. The motto is to help readers learn from the unparalleled management expertise of Modi and implement it in their life too. In every manner the journey of a little boy from Vadnagar and a humble family background and his phenomenal rise as the Prime Minister of India may truly motivate anyone.

This book was released by Union Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation Mr. Amit Shah.

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Diamond Books

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