Criminal background leads to victory

Himanshu Shekhar

The Indian political parties speak louder against the criminalization of the politics but most of them have a big difference in their speaking and doing. It has been proved once again during recent Rajya Sabha elections. All the candidates with pending criminal cases have won the election. The elections for 55 seats of the Rajya Sabha held in two phase on 14 th June and 17th June in 12 states. National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) prepared a report on the criminal background and asset declaration of candidates, after analyzing the affidavits of 49 seats. The central election commission is not keen on providing data of Tamilnadu despite of repeated requests.

According to this report, ‘A total of 15 candidates (28 percent) declared in their affidavits that they have criminal cases against them. Out of these, six candidates have declared serious criminal cases pending against them including that of attempt to murder, wrongful confinement, cheating and forgery.’ Congress nominated 3 candidates with pending criminal cases, BJP nominated 2 such candidates, BSP nominated one candidate with pending criminal cases and NCP nominated 2 such candidates.

Shockingly, all the candidates with pending criminal cases have won the election. It means, having criminal background is a guarantee to achieve the electoral victory. Not a single major political party is restraining itself to give ticket to those candidates against whom criminal cases are pending because they are most likely to win. This has been proved once again during recent Rajya Sabha election. The eligibility criterion, even for a very low profile government job is too strict but for electoral candidature pending criminal cases seems enough.

Meanwhile, some of the candidates of recent Rajya Sabha elections are having serious criminal cases pending against them. BSP candidate from UP, SP Singh Baghel has declared a case of attempt to murder pending against him. Industralist and liqor barron Vijay Mallya secured Rajya Sabha birth from Karnatka as an independent candidate with the help of JDS and other parties. A case of cheating and dishonesty under FERA act is pending against him. A case related to promoting enmity between different groups on basis of religion is pending against TDP candidate from Andhra Pradesh, Gundu Sudha Rani. Some cases registerd under Prevention of Corruption Act against SP candidate from UP, Rashid Masood.

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